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AMT Conference and Luck

Great AMT conference at the weekend. Fantastic response to my presentation 'Get Lucky'. I'm now planning a one day workshop on it. It will be called 'Your Luckiest Year Yet' and take place at the...
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New AMT Trainers

Congratulations to Marion Hind and Suzanne Skeete who successfully completed their AMT Trainer Training with me last week. This enables them to teach EFT courses and any other AMT course in which...
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What is an EFT Master?

Because I have been training people in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for ten years I have often been asked about the title 'EFT master'. I just want to clarify this because some people are given...
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The Problem with Grief

Grief is something that will affect all of us at some time or another, and so it is part of life and being human. People will experience it in a variety of ways and much has been written on the...
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