Work Life Balance

Why This Training?

The percentage of time we spend working is still on the rise, leaving free time relegated to a few short hours a week, and life can seem like one long work day after another. We can spend well beyond our contracted hours at our jobs. Many of us never leave work at all. It is still in our heads when we are travelling home, when we are with our family or friends, and even when we are trying to get to sleep at night.

We can continue with the way things are and hope it gets better, or do something about it. This one-day training course is for people who want to do something about it. It is an opportunity to step back, take stock, and find ways to make changes.

Course Objectives

At the end of this one-day course delegates will have a number of methods, tools and approaches to:

  • Identify the roles and activities which require different levels of attention
  • Exert more control over their time and energy
  • Improve workload management with practical techniques and approaches

Course Content

  • Assessing current life-work balance and how it affects us
  • Understanding the causes of imbalance
  • Life and work responsibilities: the roles we have
  • Seven practical ways to cope with too much work
  • Coping with competing demands and maintaining concentration
  • What drains us and what fuels us
  • Understanding the energy “barometer” and managing energy levels
  • Getting priorities right and protecting them
  • Strategies for upgrading the quality of our lives and nurturing well-being
  • “Depth” activities which stabilise us
  • Creating life and work goals

Course Presenter

Peter Delves MCIPD

Peter specialises in delivering personal and professional development courses, including Work Life Balance for which he is also a conference speaker.

He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and has extensive experience working with the public and private sectors. Peter’s training style reflects his belief that learning happens quicker and easier when delegates are able to enjoy and engage in  the process. This means that they take away practical strategies that can be applied readily in their daily lives.

What People Say

“I have really enjoyed the course and feel it has benefited me not only in my job role but also in my personal life.” D. Toms, Training Manager.

“I wasn’t expecting a “magic bullet” but hoped for some principles/techniques – and this was delivered. I now know that I have the capability to affect/influence how I approach things. Roy Smith, IT Infrastructure Project Manager.

“Very enjoyable, interesting course that I can incorporate into my work practise.” Penny West, Registered Manager.

“A fantastic course to stop all those bad habits and create some healthier new ones! Thanks You!” Claire Thoday, CIE- Test Production.

“Very useful and thought provoking course. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it”. Maxine Nelson, International Project Support Officer.

“A really useful course with some good practical techniques to implement. Made me realise that a lot of this is about my mindset and approach. Dealing with resistance resonated with me a lot.” Katherine Maison, HR Consultant.

Who Will Benefit?

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to manage their work-life balance more effectively.

How to Book a Course

Our corporate courses are commissioned by organisations for “in-house” training.

If you would like a quote for delivering this course in-house, please feel free to call us on (01926) 856746 or fill in the form on the right.