Influencing Skills at Work

Why This Training?

When you think about it, the most challenging part of being successful at work can be trying to influence others. In fact you can waste a lot of time and energy trying to persuade people to accept your ideas, or change their position on a matter.

This course is an opportunity to develop your influencing skills to an advanced level. By doing so, you will dramatically increase your effectiveness and persuasion ability. We will draw upon skills, strategies and influencing techniques from as far back as ancient Greece, right up to the modern day and the latest scientific research. Ultimately the training is very practical, and designed so that you can transfer your learning and skills to the workplace.

The training is about positively influencing other people-not manipulating them (although it will help you to avoid being manipulated by others).

This training can be delivered as a half-day seminar, one-day, or two-day training course.

Course Content

  • Advanced rapport skills
    How to develop trust and co-operation with others
  • Questions to unlock vital information
    How to use different question types to gain insight into how someone is thinking
  • Non-verbal behaviour which influences the quality of communication
    Understanding the effect of body language and using it constructively
  • Negotiating to reach resolution
    How to prepare for a negotiation and how to build agreement
  • Advocating a proposal
    How to deliver a compelling case so that it is accepted (verbal or written)
  • Understanding the fundamental influencing styles
    How to choose the right approach to fit the situation
  • Tactics for responding to resistance
    How to handle objections with skilful language patterns
  • Managing power issues in teams and partnerships
    How to recognise the different forms of influencing power and increase your own
  • Influencing a leader or others in authority
    Understanding personality styles, and effective ways to influence each style
  • Staying assertive and avoiding manipulation
    How to stay resourceful and confident in the face of opposition
  • Utilising unconscious persuasion techniques
    How to use indirect suggestion and bypass the conscious mind
  • Gaining commitment with persuasion skills
    Appealing to mind and hearts
  • The ethics of influence and persuasion
    Recognising when influence can turn into manipulation

Course Presenter

Peter Delves

Peter has been supporting organisations and individuals in the areas of influencing and negotiating for 10 years.

He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development and Master Practitioner of NLP. Peter brings a depth of knowledge to his influencing skill training courses which have a reputation for being highly participative, thought-provoking and fun.

What People Say

“Very informative and enjoyable. Taught me a lot. Excellent training style.” Lynn Bastock, Enforcement Officer.

“An excellent course that brought together many useful strands that I can apply in my situation. I particularly found helpful the Enneagram and the Circle of Excellence.” Sylvia Walters, Learning & Development Officer.

“The course was enlightening, enjoyable, informative. Enjoyed the whole two days thoroughly.” Carole Thompson, Supervisor.

“Very good, interesting and informative. Thoroughly explained. Relaxed environment. Lots of interaction, which kept attention.” Hazel Taylor, Support Assistant.

“A very enjoyable course. I have gained tips for improving my communication and negotiating skills. I thought the training style was very good.” Catherine Laughton, Urban Designer Architect.

“Excellent course content. A lot of information in two days. I have gained confidence in my skills and identified ways to make an impression on people.” Paul Ackroyd, Planning Enforcement Officer.

“Excellent training course with good mix of theory and practical workshops.” Sarbjit Singh, Planner.

“I learned a great deal about relating to others and how to argue constructively.” Nathan Pollard, Administrator.

“I have gained knowledge which I can draw on in situations where I feel or could feel uncomfortable, exercises that raise my level of confidence.” Mary-Louise Harrison, Regeneration Officer.

“I really enjoyed the course and it was easy to concentrate all the way through. It was interactive as well. Would definitely recommend this course to other people.” Janine Auten, Scientist & Quality Manager.

Who Will Benefit?

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to develop their influencing and negotiating skills. It can be provided as a module to dovetail with other training such as management development, presentation skills, and leadership training.

How to Book a Course

Our corporate courses are commissioned by organisations for “in-house” training.

If you would like a quote for delivering this course in-house, please feel free to call us on (01926) 856746 or fill in the form on the right.