Specific Areas of Help with Hypnotherapy and EFT

Here are the main issues that I help people to resolve. However there are many other problems that are not on the list and in which I have experience.

I work with adults and children (accompanied by a parent). If you have something that is not listed, and would like to enquire whether I can help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I specialise in...


Anxiety is a form of fear often associated with the ‘fight or flight’ response. It is a strong form of worry which can lead to panic attacks if the anxiety becomes excessive.

Anxiety can have:

  • physical symptoms (e.g. muscle tension, migraines, palpitations)
  • emotional symptoms (e.g. fear, panic, hopelessness)
  • behavioural symptoms (e.g. avoiding situations or tasks, insomnia, withdrawal).

What characterises anxiety is that there is a perception of a threat and the feelings are a reaction to that. Fortunately we can change our reaction in various ways. I started helping clients with anxiety using hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) when I first qualified in 1990. Since then I have qualified in other very effective techniques, notably EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which can be quite startling in its effectiveness when used skilfully.

Whatever approaches we use, the aim is to restore balance and wellbeing so you can cope more easily with whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can be a real shock when they first occur and we can be left with the fear of another one happening. For some people this means avoiding certain situations in case a panic attack reoccurs. As a results we can become more restricted in our lives, and just avoiding situations is not the solution.

Fortunately it is possible to resolve panic attacks. Normally I will explore what led up to the first panic attack a person experienced, how they have been since, and decide the best way to let go of the response. This could include hypnotherapy, EFT or a combination of both.

Improving Confidence

We hear the word confidence used a great deal these days, often when describing a problem with low self esteem. Lack of confidence can manifest socially, at work, at school or in sports performance.

Unfortunately most people lack the skills or training to do much about it, and therefore treat it as a random event. Even sports experts whilst identifying confidence as a problem will come up with very little in the way of a solution. “The team just need to get their confidence back, and then they will play like they can.” Is that it? Nothing more sophisticated than that?

Confidence is about feelings – but it is to do with negative beliefs as well. There can be a range of negative beliefs and emotions all bundled up together. We call this bundle low confidence or low self esteem.

The good news is that in 25 years of working with clients who have low self esteem, I have discovered and developed methods that do actually work to change feelings and beliefs about oneself. We can unravel the bundle and clear it using techniques such as hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), meaning that we can fulfil our capabilities.

Alcohol Reduction

Our relationship with alcohol can be a complex one. It is true that, for some people, it has become so much of a problem that they need to stop drinking completely. Others want to modify their drinking but have found it difficult to do so.

Some people find themselves in the habit of drinking at home most days of the week. They want to limit their alcohol intake but not completely. They just need some help to change the ingrained behaviours and feelings of dependency.

Whether someone needs to stop drinking completely or reduce their intake, I offer practical help in changing compulsions and unhealthy patterns.

In most cases we use EFT and hypnotherapy to let help restore balance and control.

Changing Eating Habits

Changing eating habits can prove difficult, even if we know what we should be eating. Often we can end up eating food that we never intended, or just too much of one thing.

Whether for weight loss or just to improve health and vitality, I have helped people to let go of compulsions and take control of their eating. Sometimes people say “I’m thinking about food all of the time” and need to change that obsession. For others it can be about targeting particular impulses such as with chocolate, biscuits or pastries.

I don’t offer specific diets but I do enable people to take control and make the best choices.

Exam Stress

The pressure on children and students to perform in exams has increased over recent years leading to greater exam stress and anxiety. Reassurances and support from parents and teachers can help a great deal, but sometimes what is required is expert help to let go of the stress and anxiety.

In my practice I help children (accompanied by a parent) and students to react differently to forthcoming exams, which means they are in the best state to perform well in them.

Stress Reduction

Stress can build up for many reasons, and it can keep accumulating, leading to inevitable symptoms. However the stress response is a reaction which we can change. It does take insight, knowledge and skills.

I offer stress reduction for private clients and stress management coaching for corporate clients. You can be sure that my twenty five years experience in this area will provide you with practical approaches and techniques to restore your health.

Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety is associated with sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as musicians, actors and others in the performing arts. However you don’t need to be a professional for it to affect you. Just being in the school play can be nerve wracking!

In addition to performance anxiety being very unpleasant, it can lead to us underperforming. Letting go of this performance anxiety can be achieved without resorting to drugs such as beta blockers. Instead we use techniques such as EFT and hypnotherapy to change responses to events. Feel free to enquire if you think I might be of help.

Speaking in Public

Speaking in public is a very common fear. It can occur just talking socially in group, and the anxiety is often accompanied by embarrassment. Blushing can also be a problem, at least the perception of it.

Some people choose to avoid speaking in public as much as possible, but there can be times when it is very difficult to avoid, such as having to give a wedding speech or a business presentation.

Whether the anxiety occurs in formal or informal settings it is possible to change with hypnotherapy and EFT.

Fear of Flying

Fear of flying can mean that you find it difficult fly, but you do it. Or the fear could be so strong that you won’t fly at all, and just thinking about it is unpleasant. This would then be described as a phobia of flying.

Either way, you can change your response to flying.

What we usually do is to work through and clear all the anxieties about flying in turn. This can sometimes include fear of the fear itself, fear of being out of control, fear of being enclosed etc. With hypnotherapy and EFT for fear of flying we have very effective techniques to enable you to feel comfortable on a plane and to go where you want.

Sleeping Problems

Insomnia, or finding it difficult to sleep, can occur for a number of reasons. Very often it is a symptom of which the cause can be stress, anxiety or anger. These feelings may be repressed or not.

Sometimes we know why we are finding difficult to sleep, because of the things happening in our lives. However even when those issues have passed we can still find ourselves with habitual sleep deprivation.

The mind/body can be helped to readjust to a normal pattern by letting go of any anxieties and negative beliefs using hypnotherapy and EFT.

Driving Test Nerves

Most people are technically capable drivers when they take their driving test. What can cause them to fail is anxiety or the stress of the test. After a failure, the learner driver typically goes back to have more lessons, when in fact what they need is help with their nerves.

Usually when I see clients, they have had a number of failed tests and realise that just having more lessons is not the answer. We are able to clear anxieties and negative beliefs about taking a driving test using techniques such as hypnotherapy and EFT, which means they can demonstrate their skills fully and comfortably.

Medical & Dental Phobias

Over the years I have helped many people, including children, who have to undergo medical treatment but have extreme anxiety about it. This has included a phobia for needles when a blood test or vaccination is required, claustrophobia about going into a scan machine at a hospital and hospitals themselves.

Similar to this people can have a phobia of going to the dentist or a gag response when dental work is undertaken.

For a long time hypnotherapists have helped patients with such problems and I now also add the technique of EFT to help patients clear their phobia and let go of anxiety, so they can have the treatment that they need.

Here is a recent message from a mother:

“Hello Peter,
I thought I would give you an update on where Sam is at with his past fear of needles.
I can’t remember if you knew at the time but Sam gained a place on a Scouts expedition to the Caribbean. We have now got to the stage of vaccinations for the trip.
He has a total of 7 injections before he goes and 2 when he gets back. 4 down and no problems. He doesn’t even flinch now. Thank you very much for your help. Please feel free to use this.”

Anger Management

Inappropriate anger can be very damaging to health and relationships. In my view anger management training in groups is not the best way to help someone to resolve their anger response. I prefer to work on a one-to-one basis where we can change the deep patterns and clear negative emotions.

Sometimes there are other feelings connected to the anger such as guilt and sadness, all of which can be addressed with hypnotherapy and EFT.

Freedom from Smoking

How to Stop Smoking

The most liberating thing that you can do for your health and wellbeing is to finally quit smoking. To stop smoking would also mean an improvement in your circulation, slow the ageing process and reduce stress levels.

Many smokers believe that smoking relaxes them, however cigarettes work in the same way as any other drug. Not having it causes anxiety or cravings, so when the drug is taken (i.e. nicotine), that feeling is relieved. People are fooled because the nicotine has created the anxiety in the first place. Some people call smoking a habit, but once again they are kidding themselves if they don’t recognise smoking as an addiction.

The actual physical withdrawal from nicotine can be handled relatively easily. If this were the whole story then everybody would be using nicotine patches successfully – but they’re not. The biggest problems are psychological. For example associations may have been created and re-enforced by having countless cigarettes:

  • after a meal
  • with alcohol
  • with tea and coffee
  • first thing in the morning etc.

There are also associations with feelings such as when:

  • bored
  • stressed
  • lonely
  • upset
  • angry etc.

People can associate being a smoker with :

  • glamour
  • sociability
  • rebellion
  • having a reliable friend etc.

As a qualified hypnotherapist these are just some of the issues which I can help you to resolve using a combination of clinical hypnotherapy and meridian therapies. These techniques will enable you to reduce or eliminate cravings and withdrawal pangs. Hypnotherapy (hypnotism applied therapeutically) has a well earned reputation for helping people to stop smoking, and when combined with meridian therapies, the results are even more impressive.

How we work

It is usually best to discuss things over the phone before you arrange the appointment. This is to answer any queries you might have and also to ensure that you are ready to quit. (Women should note that the best time to quit smoking is in the first two weeks after your period has ended).

The consultation itself is in two parts…

Part 1 – The Set Up

The set up consultation lasts 1½ hours. In this session you will learn strategies for coping with cravings and stress reduction. This will normally include being introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) where you will learn how to clear a craving by tapping or holding certain acupressure points. It sounds strange, but it’s very effective. You also experience hypnosis. In hypnosis you are aware of what is happening, but deeply relaxed and focused. You will receive a self-hypnosis CD to play over the next week before the second session…

Part 2 – Freedom Day

The second consultation lasts 1½ hours. This is on the day that you actually stop and is usually about a week after the Set-Up. You will have had your last cigarette before the consultation. With this in-depth session we work to clear any negative feelings and anxieties about being a non-smoker, resolve limiting beliefs and deal with associations with smoking. We will be using EFT, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and hypnosis, working on more issues and at a deeper level than the Set-Up session.

Consultation fee for the two part programme and CD £150

The fee is made at the first consultation and can be by cheque or in cash.