4 Reasons why EFT might not work... and what to do about it

EFT is like any tool, in that it will work, if it is the right tool for the job and if used correctly. The free download on ‘getting to the start line’ should ensure that you get the results that the client is looking for. You can download it here. However if you do a round of EFT and nothing changes, rather than feeling a slight anxiety or disappointment or confusion your mindset should be ‘that’s interesting how I wonder what I have missed?’ I sometimes even verbalise this with a client.

Points to consider:

  1. Was the client actually in tune with the issue before tapping and when giving a rating, or were they just guessing?
  2. Were they clear, specific and accurate regarding the right phrase for the emotion or negative belief? 
  3. Is there another emotion involved which is blocking the release of the one you have been working on?
  4. Is there a part of them that doesn't want to let it go? Also be open to asking the expert - the client! E.g. “That's interesting it hasn't shifted to ask, what do you think the reason might be?” 

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