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Online Consultations

During the restrictions on social contact I am using online EFT consultations only via Skype or Zoom. To help people through the difficulties I have cut my fees by a third to £40 per hour pro rata....
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Using Words in EFT

In a previous post I described how EFT is a combination of ‘thought, word and deed’. I then emphasised the importance of ‘thought’. In this post we will move on to look at ‘word’ or what...
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EFT & Alcohol Reduction

How to reduce alcohol Much of what people say about EFT is to do with curing phobias, probably because it's so dramatic and makes good TV. In my private practice in Kenilworth I do help people to resolve these problem...
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The Problem with Grief

Grief is something that will affect all of us at some time or another, and so it is part of life and being human. People will experience it in a variety of ways and much has been written on the...
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