Combining NLP & EFT to Powerful Effect

The two disciplines of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) offer tools for change, and in this post I show you how you can combine them to a powerful effect. I also teach this on my on my EFT Practitioner Training. Knowledge of EFT is required for this.

The ability to change feelings and behaviour is fundamental to personal development and most forms of success. For example, letting go of an anxiety, becoming better at public speaking, or performing successfully at your sport. I regularly use the following approach with clients to resolve their fear of flying.

The technique from NLP is grandly called the New Behaviour Generator. In itself it goes beyond simple visualisation. That’s because it is in two parts where the second part adds in not just the visual sense but the feeling sense as well. This makes it a far richer representation and more real to the mind. Add to that the ability to use EFT, then you have a very powerful process which can resolve many issues. How to do it...

Step 1

Imagine seeing yourself in your mind’s eye as you want to be at the beginning of your new practice or behaviour as though you are watching yourself on a video. Watch and listen to yourself as you play it through very carefully and in detail. How vivid or real is it on a scale of 0 – 100%?

Step 2

Use EFT to get it as close to 100% as possible. N.B. A number of aspects could emerge which you need to treat separately or you may simply tap for the clarity of the picture.

Step 3

Now imagine stepping into the ‘you’ at the beginning of the video which you have just tapped for. So now you are imagining it as if you are actually there. Experience it as fully as you are able, seeing, hearing, and feeling what is happening in the situation.

Step 4

Treat any outstanding aspects that might have emerged from this step.

Step 5

Finally imagine yourself consistently adopting the new behaviour (not just once!). Treat any remaining aspects with EFT.

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