What is an EFT Master?

Because I have been training people in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for ten years I have often been asked about the title 'EFT master'. I just want to clarify this because some people are given the impression that this is a title recognised by Gary Craig (the developer of EFT) which it is not.

At one time Gary Craig did recognise the title and there was a set of criteria that practitioners had to meet in order to qualify for the title 'master'. At that time I considered applying for the title myself but chose not to because I perceived it as a bureaucratic process with no new teaching. Also one of the requirements to qualify was that you used EFT at least 80% of the time with clients.

This second requirement left me very uncomfortable as there are many brilliant techniques and approaches out there, and just limiting a practitioner to one technique gives a somewhat blinkered view on how to help clients.

Although the title is no longer recognised, many practitioners who did qualify continue to use it.