EFT – More than just tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques is sometimes referred to as the tapping therapy. This seems to makes sense because it’s the most obvious thing that differentiates it from other therapies. Also if you ask a person if they’ve heard of EFT they may look blank until you mention the tapping, which can then spark recognition.

However there can be a downside to referring to it in this way, as it may oversimplify the process. It can mean that a person thinks that “you can’t possibly change problem emotions just by tapping some points on your body”. Or they may try tapping without understanding the process in full and then also conclude that it doesn’t work.

I like to think of EFT in terms of Thought, Word and Deed. ‘Thought’ is about tuning into the issue cleanly and sensing it. ‘Word’ is the accurate description of the unwanted feeling and the words that you use while tapping. ‘Deed’ is the process of tapping and using the correct points.

If you try a round of EFT for the first time and it doesn’t work, the problem will be in one of the three areas. It’s usually not in the selection of tapping points (Deed). Often someone will think it must be in ‘Word’ (“I don’t know the right words to use”). They may have been using words that are off target and misunderstand the relevance of the words. More often the problem will be rooted in ‘Thought’ before you even start tapping.

‘Thought’ is about tuning into the problem feeling or belief and sensing it in some way. Sometimes it is called contacting the problem. For example, if you have a fear of public speaking, you may say the fear is very high even 10 out of 10 on the distress scale. But have you actually felt any of it while describing it and giving it that number? Using this example you have to take a bit of time to imagine or remember having to speak in public. Of course you may not reach the full feelings of actually doing it, and come up with a rating of say 5. But that’s enough. By having tuned into the emotional reaction the following parts of the process, ‘Word’ and ‘Deed’ are much more likely to work.

In my next blog I’ll focus on ‘Word’ and how to get that right with EFT.

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