Featured Practitioner: Marc Malecki


Marc successfully completed the EFT Master Practitioner Training in 2012, already being a qualified hypnotherapist. With a practice in Leamington Spa he helps people with a range of issues and you can view his website at www.nrgtherapy.co.uk.

Marc describes below how he encountered EFT and his experience of the training.

"After qualifying as a Hypnotherapist, I became intrigued by EFT through “bumping” into it on the internet, and felt that if I was to fully understand this phenomenon sweeping the therapy/self help world, I would need to find an experienced trainer. Peter Delves provided the perfect solution to my needs.

"His EFT Master Practitioner course provides the ideal start in developing understanding and skills required to deliver EFT as a therapy as well the most powerful of self development tools, so much so that I have moved on from hypnotherapy to concentrate fully on energy therapy.

"Peter clearly has a vast amount of experience and delivers his training in the most simple and inclusive way. His style struck me as very much hands-on and free flowing rather than that of a lecture. I have booked myself on to three more courses with Peter, one of which (EFT Timeline Therapy) I am particularly excited about."