Anxiety is a form of fear often associated with the ‘fight or flight’ response. It is a strong form of worry which can lead to panic attacks if the anxiety becomes excessive.

Anxiety can have:

  • physical symptoms (e.g. muscle tension, migraines, palpitations)
  • emotional symptoms (e.g. fear, panic, hopelessness)
  • behavioural symptoms (e.g. avoiding situations or tasks, insomnia, withdrawal).

What characterises anxiety is that there is a perception of a threat and the feelings are a reaction to that. Fortunately we can change our reaction in various ways. I started helping clients with anxiety using hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) when I first qualified in 1990. Since then I have qualified in other very effective techniques, notably EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which can be quite startling in its effectiveness when used skilfully.

Whatever approaches we use, the aim is to restore balance and wellbeing so you can cope more easily with whatever circumstances you find yourself in.

I am based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, which is convenient for Leamington Spa, Warwick, Coventry, and other areas in the Midlands, UK.