Significant changes to eating mindsets at the weekend!

Retrain Brain for New Eating Habits

Great to see so many positive changes to eating mindsets at the weekend. The short workshop  Retrain Your Brain for New Eating Habits enables participants to change their mindset about eating patterns. One of the first things that came up this time was a preoccupation with food, taking up a lot of head space! After learning a simple EFT protocol (Emotional Freedom Techniques) we were able to put food into perspective, freeing up valuable space and attention for other things.

As often happens, the issue of guilt about eating habits came up. This was cleared in addition to feelings of failure from previous attempts at weight loss.

We moved on to the concept of addiction to certain foods, and how someone can go into a trance when eating. To a hypnotherapist like myself, this is not surprising when there is any addiction. Fortunately this can be changed quite easily using EFT which means that people stay in control and relaxed about healthy eating patterns.

The foods that typically create addiction are sugar, fat and wheat  (though there can be others). Chocolate contains both sugar and fat which means that it can be doubly powerful. Of course the classic features of addiction are justification and denial, or as one participant bluntly put it 'Excuses'!

The last technique taught was a powerful mental rehearsal technique from the field of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) which is called the New Behaviour Generator. This helped to consolidate the changes that had been made. Like EFT, it is a technique that participants are then able to take away with them and use when they wish.
Each workshop is different in that participants will vary in what they need to change. However it is structured to change eating mindsets by identifying and clearing negative beliefs, letting go of cravings and raising self esteem. I also offer personal consultations (including Skype) for people who prefer to work one-to-one to change their eating habits.