Why I Do This Work

I've been reminded recently how long I've been doing this work. Yesterday somebody contacted me because a friend from Leicester recommended me, having helped him "many years ago". Well it must have been many years ago because I haven't lived in Leicester for 22 years.  Also someone called a short while ago and said "You won't remember me but I did your 'Self Hypnosis and Sport' workshop in 1993"! He wanted advice about hypnosis training on behalf of someone who was considering spending a vast amount of money for an American online course. As you might expect my recommendation was to avoid.

It did get me thinking though, about how and why I've been spending my working life for the last 32 years. The range of areas I've been able to work with has been brilliant, as has the development of techniques in that time. Sometimes what I do is desribed as a 'talk therapy' but I don't think that term is accurate or helpful at all. The changes don't come about just by talking but by applying effective techniques and strategies, whether from Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT or some other approach.  Fundamentally I believe that people can change and I have witnessed that over the years. And that's why I keep doing it.